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Monroe Stories (Kindle Shorts)

Monroe Stories Anthology

…a town of weird people and strange places.

…coming soon.

A Good Pair of Eyes

…there’s nothing quite like A Good Pair of Eyes.

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…careful, her touch will make you writhe.

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Brother’s Keeper

…rage and jealousy mount as they find out who will be their Brother’s Keeper.

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…What will Breakout as life meets death on the tracks of Monroe?

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…When the vote goes sour, will the Community be Overturned?

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Ugly Love

…How far is she willing to go if that love turns ugly?


The Necromantia Series

Necromantia – Vol 1-3 (Boxset)

Buy the first three Necromantia books in a single boxset. Enjoy the thrill to the very end.

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Necromantia – Vol 1

A man becomes a member of an ancient order and comes to terms with his new future.

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Necromantia – Vol 2

The path darkens as Isaac follows Lazarus deeper into the hidden world of the Seattle occult.

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Necromantia – Vol 3

Isaac’s world and new found faith will be tested as he plunges head first towards an unimaginable evil.

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Necromantia – Vol 4-6 (Boxset)

A shapeshifter, a shot heard round the world, a religion gone mad, and the lust for murder fill this Boxset!…what does Corvus want? And can they stop him?

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Necromantia – Vol 4

A Shape-shifter, a religion gone mad, the lust for murder, and a shot heard round the world.

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Necromantia – Vol 5

Why would a river turn to blood? Could it be from an evil that can only be whispered?

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Necromantia – Vol 6

Believe nothing when on their lips is the name…Corvus.

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Sci-Fi and Thrillers

Dead Red

They went to Mars in search of life but they only found death.

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Alone In The Darkness

A woman is pulled into the underbelly of society and is forced to survive the night.

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Matthew Buza was born in Detroit, Michigan. After completing college he began his career as an engineer, moving from research organizations to semiconductor companies to the global metrology industry. He was trained as a Physicist, but quickly found his passion in the garden, in books, and being a stay at home dad.

Matt lives outside of Seattle, happily surrounded by women, his wife, daughters, and even the dog.

For more information or questions regarding my books please feel free to contact me at: 

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