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Chapter Ten


Antonia stood on her porch with one hand pressed against the railing as she gazed down the quiet street. In the distance a dog was rhythmically barking against the silent background. The screen door behind her was slightly ajar. The light was falling out onto the porch from the paused TV screen showing a face frozen mid-sentence staring at the empty chair. A cat moved across the opening, looking outside for a moment, before scurrying helplessly under the couch. She lived in a duplex at the end of a cul-de-sac surrounded by trucks, vans, and cars taking up residence along the street curb.

She hadn’t heard from Jennifer and she was due home. The strain on her face showed as she squinted thinking about what might be happening with her granddaughter. Her eyes were hoping to see her car round the corner in the distance. She imagined the car pulling up to the driveway. Her granddaughter would emerging holding a bag of groceries and talking about how her phone fell into a puddle at the store. She would hug Jennifer and tell her she wasn’t worrying at all. She was only out on the porch getting fresh air.

Her hand trembled as she held the house phone. She felt this time her worries were justified, she knew something was wrong. She dialed her granddaughter and the phone rang repeatedly. She was about to hang up when the phone picked up. She knew this voice and it was in pain. The voice yelled to her, “Help!”

The phone went silent but the call did not hang up. She held it to her ear calling out to the cold night for her granddaughter. She screamed at the phone before she fell into a clump against the porch railing. Lights turned on in the neighboring duplex house and a young woman walked out of the door. “Antonia, is everything ok?”

Antonia was in tears as she sobbed with the phone in her hand. The woman came over and held her arms, pleading to know what was going on. Antonia recounted the call and returned to sobbing. The woman’s eyes glistened. She was shocked that something like this could happen to Jennifer. She sprang to action pulling the phone out of Antonia’s hand and dialing 911.

As the woman talked on the phone, Antonia continued staring off the porch down the empty street at the edge of the house on the corner. She stared hoping to see the house light up, but no headlights came.


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