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Chapter Thirteen


The papers piled next to the cardboard boxes and gently lifted as a draft moved through the room. Dust picked up into the air and swirled before crashing down to the floor again. Piles of trash, loose drywall, and insulation piled up in the center of the room. The clouds opened and the moonlight fell through the stained window onto the floor. The naked walls with exposed studs showed the home’s age.

On the far side of the room, stretched out like a fallen dress, Jennifer’s body slowly breathed. She lay quietly outside of the closet, her feet illuminated in the evening light. Her head rested on the floor as her arms were pulled back and bound at the wrists. Her legs were crossed with a foot dangling behind her calf. She was covered in a light dust as smoky plumes rose from her mouth on every breath.

Jennifer’s shoulders began to sway and her goose bumped arms folded and flexed under the binds. Her lip curled and cheeks raised as she slowly regained consciousness. Her eyelids danced and parted letting in the room. Her head shook brushing off the last of the chemicals as her eyes opened to the room tilted on its side. She slowly looked around as her memory warmed her to the situation. She lifted her head to listen and survey her surroundings. The bonds held strong fighting her weak attempts at freedom.

She rested a moment closing her eyes to the room and feeling across her body looking for any injuries. She squinted her eyes as her head rolled forward, the ground gently touching the welt on her forehead. Her body was sore but intact. She could feel the duct tape on her face as she tried to open her mouth, pushing forward with her tongue feeling the slit in the tape. She could taste glue mixed with blood from a wound. The knife had cut her upper lip and was draining across the tape. She pulled in a deep breath and let out a moan through the tape that drifted through the room.

Her head shifted as her eyes moved from the window to the door. She followed her body back and saw the open closet. Applying pressure from her legs, she rolled her shoulders and began to squirm her way to the closet. She touched the wall with her hands and pulled her knees in. It took her two pulls of the shoulder to lift her body against the wood on the wall. Two more pushes and she was upright looking out into the room. Her hands searched behind her as she felt the dust and rough wood.

Her head rolled from side to side assessing the state of the studs. She shifted slightly, hands guiding her movement, as she pressed her binds against the wood. She leaned forward and began to rock against the exposed stud, pressing hard against the edge of her binds. She could feel the heat from the friction, but the bindings did not give way.

She broke and took in long pulls of air. It was hard work in the contorted position and she couldn’t get strong leverage. She leaned back against the wall to rest, closing her eyes, allowing her mind to focus on the distant noises. She held her breath and could make out scratching sounds against the wall and faint moans. Her eyes shot open when a loud scream came from the other side of the house. It was a guttural cry and finished with the thud of a body against the floor. It woke the house, as murmurs lifted, creating an ambient rhythm. Jennifer looked to the door and back to the window. She pressed her hands against the wood and began to furiously grind the binds. From the open slit in the tape she muttered to herself, ”Come on, come on.”

She could feel the binding fray as pieces of material fell between her fingers. She wrenched forward pulling her shoulders apart and pushing out at the elbows. The bindings did not give way as her hands went white from the strain. Her wrist folded over the bindings as her forearms turned beet red from stopped blood flow. She leaned back and the emotions began to swell. Tears slowly fell down her face and across the tape. Her chest popped lightly as she sobbed.

A scratch came from behind the door. Jennifer lifted her head to the noise. The room was silent, but a shadow could be seen shifting quietly. Jennifer’s eyes opened wide as she realized she was not alone in the room. The shadow under the door shifted again and she could hear a faint panting. At the edge of the door, Jennifer could make out wisps of hair moving in the breeze. She wondered how long this person had been there. Was she being watched?

The hair gave way to a head that was looking down to the floor. Two hands crawled out in front as if searching for an unseen object. The man was on all fours and entering the room. His eyes were wide and wild, but unfocused. His head was trembling as if cold, and spit flowed from his open mouth onto the ground. His hands inched forward as his body emerged from the door. Jennifer pushed herself up against the wall trying to distance herself from the ghastly figure.

The man moved into the center of the room. His body was exposed except for dirty white briefs. Along his back and legs were sores and rashes. His skin was white and covered in dirt and dust. Boney knees left small trails of blood from open wounds as his crooked hands continued to crawl and pull him into the room. His body was impossibly thin with ribs and vertebrae jetting out. His white skin was pulled over his body like a loose sheet.

Jennifer was horrified. She thought, could this man even be real? Was she imagining this? Her stomach wretched and she held back a heave knowing that the tape would cause her to choke. She looked over his body and saw that his briefs protruded at his midsection. Her fear compounded as she realized he was erect. She moved slightly and her binds caught on the flooring. She pulled in a panic and tore part of the wood base up releasing a cracking sound.

The man stopped in the center of the room, quivering like a lone leaf lost in the breeze. Jennifer froze. He hadn’t known she was here, but he did now. His head turned in an unnatural contorted manner. It slowly inched its way, squaring itself with the closet. Jennifer watched as his face came into view. Their eyes locked and for a moment she hoped that he might lose her in the shadows. His eyes widened and she knew he saw her. Her breathing increased and she started to assess if she could stand and hop out of the room. The man was not moving fast and probably could not stop her. She leaned her head forward and she pressed herself up against the wall. She could hear him turning and crawling towards her. She ignored the approaching horror and focused on her task. Stand, she told herself.

She could feel her back sliding up the wall, but she caught on a protruding nail and fell back to the floor. She tried again, but failed. She shifted her weight to her side and popped herself to her knees. She lifted her body and pressed down trying and stand. She rose and stood on her feet, but her weight continued to shift and she overshot falling in a pile on the floor.

She turned her head, panting to see the man continuing to crawl slowly towards her. She saw his face as his arm reached out ahead of him. His legs moved in unison. Jennifer could smell his foul stench, a mixture of fecal matter and urine. His head was focused on Jennifer’s face and she could see his briefs swinging under his chest. A slight smirk came across his face and she could see his yellow teeth and bleeding gums.

Jennifer looked around her but she could not find any object to use. She moved out of the closet and began to slide herself along the floor. The man was in pursuit. She shoved papers and boxes towards him as she moved to the corner of the closet. The man pushed aside the obstacles and began to crawl faster in anticipation of his catch.

Jennifer reached the wall and the man was only feet away. She turned to him and brought her knees to her chest to protect herself. The man lifted himself and fell on top of her. She could feel his cold flesh on her body. His chest rested against her shins and his arms touched her shoulder. His hands grazed her face and she wanted to vomit. She shifted her head to avoid his touch each time squealing through the tape on her face. Jennifer pushed against the man with her legs and he fell back onto the floor. She brought her knees back as he gathered himself. Jennifer turned her hips and kicked at his face with her bound legs. She connected with her heal and sent him reeling to the floor. He let out a cry and clutched his nose. She could hear him gurgling on his spit. He shifted again and turned to Jennifer. She connected with her foot and the man dropped to the floor. Jennifer kicked again and she could hear the crunch of his skull under her boot.

She shifted in the closet corner and looked back on the sprawled body. Blood slowly poured from the man’s face and she could see the small dent on the top of the head. The man’s arms sat contorted and she could see the quivering of his fingers. Jennifer pulled her knees into her chest, arms still bound behind her, and she wept on her pant leg. Her mind was lost trying to search for meaning. Where was she and who was this person on the floor?


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