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Chapter Fourteen


Steven followed behind Kora and Tyler on the walking path, his shoulders hung heavy as he plodded through the grass. They silently walked up the porch, opened up the door, and entered the house. They turned right into the large kitchen fanning out into familiar positions. They had worked this house many times before and they each had their favorite station. Laid across the countertops were packing supplies and small scales. Wash tubs with masking tape indicated sorted and finished material. Along the floor were two large trash bags giving off a sweet citrus smell. On the front they were each labeled Street and Medical. The kitchen table contained a stack of brown cellophane-wrapped bricks of heroin each the size of a large text book. A cardboard box sat next to the bricks and contained bags of clear methamphetamine.

“Kora, you’re cutting tonight. The coke is on the table and the Leva and Benzo are on the floor.’’ Kora circled around the kitchen island and picked up the industrial bag marked Levamisole and made her way to the counter. “Steven, you’re on bud sorting and hash prep.”

Steven looked at Tyler, “Are you kidding me?”

Tyler lightly bit his tongue, “Yes, you’re bud sorting and hash, do you have a problem with that?”

“That’s a shit job,” he motioned to the bags.

“You’re getting medicine duty tonight.”

Steven stared down at the two trash sacks. His nose could smell the bags from the doorway. What he hated most was the after smell. There’s no way to get it off your hands or clothes.

“I thought we were cooking tonight, man?”

“I did too, but we got the order to restock instead. I think we cook tomorrow.” Tyler picked up the brick of heroin. His hand sagged under the weight.

“Steven, you can sort in a few minutes, but I need you on bag stamping first.” Steven rolled his eyes and dropped his head. “The stamp and bags are in the box.”

Steven walked over to the box and reached in. He pulled out a stamp rig, ink pad, and a box of wax paper baggies. The stamp was key for distinguishing their product from others. Customers knew the seal meant quality and repeatability.

Tyler walked across the room and pressed the power button on the speaker. The room quickly filled with music. Steven dabbed the stamp in the ink palette and pulled out a handful of wax bags. He set them up in a small stack alongside the rig.

“How many do we need?” Steven asked.

“I think this brick will give us a couple thousand.”

Steven sighed and began to move. The stamp rig was wooden with a worn brass hand lever. Under the rig was a rubber mold perched above the stamping area. Steven grabbed a wax bag and placed it under the stamp and pulled down. He looked down and inspected the wax bag. The front was an image of a dragon and below was the word Smaug. He placed the new stamped bag onto the counter. He repositioned his pile of wax bags and began to stamp. His hands moved in a methodical motion, grabbing a wax paper bag, moving it into place, and pulling down on the stamp. He then moved that new bag into a pile and continued. Every tenth bag he would re-apply ink by pulling on a small lever revealing the ink pad beneath the stamping area.

Steven broke the silence, “Why do we need to work here next to that house of horrors?”

Tyler responded, “We’re here because we were ordered to. I think the other houses are occupied this weekend and this one was free.”

“I just wish we could be at that house from last week.”

Kora jumped in, “I always enjoyed that one. The pool and the pull-out couch.” Tyler and Kora shared a brief glance before continuing.

Steven turned around and pointed to the two of them, “Exactly, I’m just saying the last time we were here one of them wandered out onto the lawn. I nearly shat myself walking to the car to smoke and running into a skeleton in a gown.”

“It’s not our job to question where we work. We just do our job and finish on time. They trust us in these homes and we can’t screw that up.” Tyler’s voice silenced the two.

Steven was making good progress as Tyler parted up the brick of heroin into a gallon Ziploc bag and combined it with an entire container of powdered calcium.

Steven looked at Tyler and smiled, “Calcium for strong bones. It’s better than drinking your milk.”

Tyler’s mouth curled up slightly, “Honestly, it’s a lot of calcium.”

He zipped the bag and began to roll it in his hands working to incorporate the two powders. He opened the bag again and placed half a dozen spoonfuls of powdered sugar. He again resealed the bag and rolled it carefully in his hands.

Tyler reached over and pulled the small mountain of stamped wax paper bags from the side of the stamping rig. Steven never broke stride as his hands moved in rapid action. Tyler rolled the Ziploc bag down so that the powder was now at the top. He pulled out a small measuring spoon. With one hand holding the wax paper bag, he scooped and leveled the powder. He dropped the powder into the wax bag and closed the top in a single motion. He continued to fill each bag, building stacks of ten on the counter in front of him. When he reached five stacks he put the spoon down and bundled the stacks with a red rubber band. He tapped and leveled the bags before placing the stack into a small cardboard box. Tyler’s job was to manage and everything he saw was money. He placed the bundle into the box and he thought to himself, one grand.

The music continued to be the only sound in the kitchen as the team methodically worked. Tyler felt a buzz in his pocket. He reached in and pulled out his cell phone to look at the message. Call me.

Tyler paused and then looked up at Steven, “I need to make a quick phone call. I’ll be right back.”

Steven narrowed his eyes, “Who is it?”

“It’s the Boss.”

Steven’s eyes opened wide. He knew that this text message and call were about the girl in the house. He braced himself for what may come.

“Tyler, tell me if I am in trouble. I deserve to know,” Steven said.

“Just let me make this call and I’ll get back to you guys.” Tyler walked into the living room. Tyler brought the phone to his ear as it rang.

There was a click and a voice on the other side, “We need to take care of this.”

“I know.”

“We have a guy. I’ll text you his number.”

“What do I do in the meantime?”

“Keep her in the house until the guy arrives.” There was a click and the phone hung up on the other end. Tyler lowered the phone and waited for the message. His phone lit up with the message from his boss that included a phone number and a name, Vadym.

He texted back, And Steven?

A moment later, the response, just call Vadym. I’ve already spoken to him.

Tyler swiped the phone and clicked the number. The phone rang and continued to ring. He wondered if it would go to voicemail. He was ready to hang up when the ringing stopped and there was a voice on the other end. The man had a broken Russian accent.

The voice was deep, “Hello.”

“Hello. Is this Vadym?”


“I was told to call you to take care of a situation we have.”

As if the man already knew the complete story, “How tall?”

“Excuse me?”

“How tall is the girl?”

“Five foot five maybe? She’s not tall.”



“I’ve been told the man will help.”


“Yes. Text me your address to this number.”

“How long will it take for you to get here?”

“I don’t know. It depends if she fights me.”

“No, I meant where are you located?”

“That’s not your business.”

Tyler was slightly confused, “I’m just trying to understand when you’ll get here. We’re east of Arlington in the mountains.”

“I’ll be there within the hour.” The phone clicked. Tyler looked at the phone and texted the address to the number. A single message was returned, K.

Tyler returned to the kitchen. Kora and Steven were standing quietly in the center of the room. Tyler looked at Steven, “There is a man coming who will take care of the problem.”

“What problem?” Tyler stared at Steven without saying a word. “Come on, man, we can’t let that happen.”

Tyler looked away and made his way back to the counter. “You’re going to help him.”

Steven felt sick, “Help him do what? Tyler, talk to me, what did the boss say? What is this about? I, I can’t do that man. That’s not me.”

“Steven, this is out of your hands now. You will do what you’re told. You have no choice in this matter.” Tyler returned to the counter. “When is Nick getting here?”

“Tyler man, come on. We can’t let something like that happen.”

“When is Nick coming?”

Kora answered, “He should be here soon. I got a message from him a few minutes ago.” She paused for a moment, “Tyler, what’s going on? We can’t hurt this woman. It’s just not right.”

Steven and Kora stood in the room staring at the back of Tyler head. There were no answers to their questions. Tyler’s voice was quiet as he turned his head slightly, “You guys need to forget about this and get back to work. It’s out of our hands.” He turned to Steven, “If you didn’t want this to happen, then you should have thought twice about getting involved with Juan and then kidnapping this woman. Shut your face and get back to work.”


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