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Chapter Sixteen


“I’ll be there within the hour.” Vadym ended the call. He stood quietly in the small kitchen. The house was dark as his wife and son slept down the hall. His finger stroked the wipe cloth on the sink edge as he waited for the address to be sent. His breathing was steady and deep. The phone buzzed to life and he read the message. He swiped and sent a response. He placed the phone down onto the counter and rubbed his forehead with the palm of hand as he arched his back opening his chest to the ceiling. His lungs exhaled in a deep sigh as he walked across the room and down the hall.

He entered a small room and flipped the light switch. A ceiling light turned on and the fan blades began to spin slowly. The walls were lined with dark wood bookcases stacked with old novels and magazines. Across the room was a desk that contained stacks of old notebooks and papers. He crossed the room and reached behind the open closet door. His arm lifted out a dull green military duffle bag. He placed the bag across the desk pulling the chair to the side.

Vadym returned to the closet and pulled down two storage boxes. He opened the lids and pulled out a roll of clear plastic and a bundle of tools. Both items were placed in the bag. He then placed a container full of surgical gloves and gowns as well as a rain set. He reached down and pulled open the main drawer of the desk and rummaged through. His arm moved through the material and pulled up a small collapsible saw.

From behind Vadym a small hand rested on the door knob. The weight of the child’s body pushed against the door causing it to release a soft creak. Vadym spun around still holding onto the saw. The boy’s voice was soft as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, “Daddy, why are you up?”

“Pash, go back to bed.”

“The light was on.”

“Go back with your mom.”

“She sleeps too loud.”

Vadym’s patience was waning as he walked over to his son, kneeling before him, “Go back to sleep. Lay with your mamma.”

“What is that?” The boy motioned to the saw in his hand.

“Daddy is just cleaning up his office.” He stood and walked across the room placing the saw into the bag. He turned back to his son. He reached down and the boy was in his arms. He rested his head against his shoulder as he entered the master bedroom. A woman was sleeping in the bed covered by a light sheet and wearing a cream slip.

The father leaned close to his son’s ear, “Go with mom.”

He lowered the boy into the bed. He carefully lifted the sheet and pushed the boy close to his mother. Instinctively she slid over and placed her arm around the boy. The two were fast asleep before Vadym made it back to the office.

He continued to load up the bag and carried it out the back entry of the house. He reset the alarm and walked out of the house along the driveway to the garage at the back of the property. He passed two parked cars and entered through the side. He pulled the key out from the cabinet shelf and tossed the bag into the trunk of the car. He reached up on the wire shelf and pulled down a stack of storage bins and a large bottle of bleach. From under the back cabinet he pulled a new set of boots fresh out of the package and placed them in the car. He fell into the driver seat and turned the ignition. The car was only used on special occasions and struggled on its first two attempts. The car woke to life and Vadym turned on the head lights and pulled out of the driveway speeding off down the street. The garage door slowly lowered behind him finishing its ghostly action alone.


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