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Chapter Twenty-Two


Vadym leaned over the banister as he heard the front door close. “Hey!” He called down as Tyler emerged, “Bring me a mop and bucket, and the bleach by the door.”

Tyler looked down to the materials and saw the bleach, “Ok, I’ll be right up.”

The request unnerved Tyler as he gathered the supplies and climbed the stairs to the second floor. His feet creaked under the old wooden floorboards as he emerged onto the second floor landing. He turned the corner and hooked the bucket on the banister. His leg leaned back as he caught himself from falling down the stairs. He gathered himself and took a deep breath before walking down the dark hallway to the open door and light.

He could see into the room as Vadym worked. They had lifted the bed and placed it against the wall. The cabinets and side tables were pushed into the corner and a tarp had been placed onto the floor. The man’s silhouetted body formed a cross as he opened the sheet of clear plastic, and using a hand stapler, began to attach the plastic to the walls.

Tyler felt a nausea come over him as his mind saw the woman’s face. What had they condemned her to? What had Steven done to force this? He was sick but angry. Angry for being placed into this position, angry for having to be part of this world. He wanted to leave. He could just get into his car, take Kora and drive away. He stood in a daze not realizing that Vadym was now looking at him through the doorway. Tyler could not see his face, instead only the shape of the man and his arm perched against the door frame.

Vadym stared at Tyler. He had seen this face before. The shock and horror. He had long since gotten over his profession but he never missed an opportunity to extend the fear. He knew reputation was the best calling card. In these moments he always allowed his voice and accent to deepen. He got off on this. “What are you looking at?”

Tyler broke from the spell and dropped the bucket. The clanging of the plastic broke the silence of the hall. He quickly scurried to the ground to fetch it. He was on his knees when he looked up at Vadym. He knew he was not the only person to experience this point of view. He thrust up the items and Vadym took them out of his hands. He felt the rough skin against his hands, cracked and dry, from too much chlorine use.

Through Vadym’s legs, Tyler saw two sets of feet. Steven was face down on the plastic, blood oozing out onto the protected floor.

“Is that Steven?”

“Of course.”

“He was just supposed to help!” Tyler knew it was his responsibility. He had killed Steven. He had condemned him to this fate. He should have sent Steven away to deal with his own problems. But instead he shared in this guilt as he incriminated everyone in this savagery. He fought back the tears, “Why did you kill him? You didn’t have to do that.”

Vadym looked back and realized that Tyler didn’t know, “It was part of the arrangement. I’ve been paid and I need to do the job.”

“I didn’t ask for this. It was just the girl.”

“Aw, he was your friend? Well I’m sorry, little ant. This is what the boss wanted.”

“He didn’t tell me this,” Tyler’s voice rose as he stood still, staring over Vadym’s shoulder. “This is my crew. When I talked to him, he said Steven would only have to help.”

“Well that wasn’t the arrangement now. So, go along and do your job so I can finish mine.”

Tyler backed away from Vadym. He wanted to escape this horror. Vadym walked back into the room slowly closing the door. His cheeks pressed up against his eyes with his teeth showing as he smiled. Tyler was left in the dark hallway staring at the door. He heard noises of objects being placed onto the floor. He could only imagine what was happening and what would happen.

He struggled down the stairs held down by the burden and consequences of the evening. Like a ghost he entered the kitchen and rummaged through a number of drawers before finding the bag of yellow ear plugs. He pocketed two bags for Kora.

He had tears running down his face. He wanted to embrace Kora. He wanted someone to hold. He wept in the corner of the kitchen still seeing those feet and Steven’s dead face and the red blood. Tyler regained his composure as a loud noise came from the stairs. Vadym stormed through the house and out to his car. He watched this devil search for more supplies.


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