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Chapter Twenty-Three


Kora pressed open the door and found two bodies sprawled out on the floor. One was bound and rocking gently on the ground while the other body was motionless face down near the closet. Kora dropped down next to Nick’s body and placed a hand on him, “Nick are you ok?”

Her hand pulled back revealing a dark stain on the tips that smelled of blood. She scanned Nick’s body and pulled the bindings off. Nick rolled onto his back and moaned.

Kora pulled Nick to a sitting position and pulled up on his belt leaning his tiny frame against her chest. Nick was small and Kora could drag him, bracing his arm over her shoulder. She carefully navigated the grass walkway between the houses while imagining how Nick could have gotten himself into his current position. Kora was never a fan of Nick so seeing someone get the best of him provided some enjoyment. After such a long evening, Kora welcomed any reason to smile.

She reached the porch stairs, opened the front door, and walked through the entryway as Tyler came rushing in from the kitchen. Tyler’s face was lost in shock, “Jesus, what the hell happened?”

Kora laid Nick down on the living room couch and caught her breath, “I think the girl finally got the best of Nick. I would imagine we’re very lucky she didn’t get away. That is nasty right there.” Kora pointed to the large welt on Nick’s head and the dried blood trail down his face.

Tyler leaned in and examined the wound along his abdomen. “That looks like its still bleeding. Kora, can you check his bag to see if there’s some clothes or something?’”

Kora whispered to Tyler, “We need to get him to the hospital. There is one in town.”

Tyler shook his head, “I know, but we can’t stop now. We’ve got a deadline to meet.”

“Tyler, he’s got an open wound on his side. We have to get him some help.” Kora’s voice cracked slightly as she stared at Tyler.

“I know, we need to stabilize him and finish up. Then we’ll drop him off in an hour or so. If anyone drops him off there will be questions. You won’t be able to just leave him at the front door of the emergency room.”

Kora returned with Nick’s bag and began pulling items out onto the table. Inside she felt cloth. She pulled and the two handguns fell out as the shirt unraveled. They struck the top of the coffee table. Both Kora and Tyler jumped as they clanked to the ground.

“Fuck.’’ Tyler reached down and pulled up the gun. He checked the chamber, “They’re loaded.”

‘’What is he doing with those?” Kora asked.

“I have no idea.” Tyler turned on the safety and gave one to Kora.

“I don’t want it.” Kora pushed back.

“Take it. I don’t trust that guy upstairs and this is our best protection.” She took the gun as Tyler pressed on the wound, blood pouring over his hands, “Tear that shirt up and press it on the belly wound.”

Kora tended to Nick as Tyler rose and began to pace the room. His lips moved quietly and he shook his head.

Kora rose, “We need to get him to a doctor.”

Tyler continued to pace, “We don’t have time.” Tyler’s eyes shifted to the roof as he heard Vadym pacing in the upstairs bedrooms.

Kora’s eyes narrowed, “What do you mean, we don’t have time? Nick needs help.”

Tyler slowed his pacing and turned to Kora. His eyes narrowed and his lips turned white as his anger boiled up, “I think it’s clear we don’t have time. In case you don’t fucking realize,” his voice dropped slightly, “we’ve got some guy upstairs setting up for God knows what because Steven decided it was time to play badass.”

“It’s not that way at all.”

Tyler’s anger raged as he pointed at Kora, “I don’t give a fuck what you think right now. This shit is out of our control. We are only here right now because I need to finish this round and make this delivery. My ass is on the line and I’m here staring at one of my workers in dire need of medical attention and an absolute mess upstairs.”

Kora put up her hands and pointed at the couch, “I know you’re under pressure and things have gotten out of hand, but what we need to do right now is help Nick.”

Tyler looked at the body, “How many more bodies are we going to produce tonight?”

Kora was quiet before she answered, “His wasn’t the only body in that room. There was another. One of the heads.”

Tyler’s hands were shaking. Kora had never seen him this upset before. Tyler took a deep breath and calmed himself. “You’re going to stay with Nick and I will finish the run.”

Kora reached over and pressed down onto Nick’s abdomen trying to slow the bleeding. The blood oozed through the shirt and smeared across Kora’s hands. She looked down at Nick and gently spoke. “It’s alright, Nick. We’re going to get you to the hospital soon.” She knew it was a lie.


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