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Chapter Twenty-Four


Dean’s eyes opened and he stared up at the ceiling. He reached down and felt the pressure in his abdomen. The blood pressure medication was a diuretic and it would mean his third trip to the bathroom tonight. He carefully lifted the blanket and rose out of bed. He looked down to see his grandchildren sleeping soundly next to his wife. They had had a full evening of games, laughter, and food. He always enjoyed these weekends. He smiled as he turned to walk out of the dark doorway and down the hall to the bathroom. Halfway there, the pressure began to build and he quickened his pace. He burst through the door flipping the light and slamming up the seat. He was nearly late as he relieved himself into the toilet.

His eyes squinted at the pain and burning sensation. He finished and leaned his arm against the wall and rested his head. “Jesus,” he said as his breath left his body.

The pain had increased from the day before and he knew a trip to the doctor was needed. He took a deep breath and flushed. He crossed the house and entered the kitchen opening the fridge. At the center was a half-eaten apple pie. He pulled down a plate and cut himself a piece. He grabbed the pack of cigarettes from the top of the fridge and walked out onto the back porch.

The air was cool and a gentle breeze flapped against his pajama pants. He placed the items down onto the porch railing and went back into the house to fetch his jacket. He emerged onto the porch and zipped up the coat. He slowly ate the pie through his mustache as he stood in the dark staring out across the yard to the tall tree line. From behind Dean, a small scratch could be heard at the door. He turned and let out the old yellow lab. The dog stepped down the porch and began to sniff through the grass. Dean finished the pie and leaned against the porch column. He flicked open the zippo and released a cloud of smoke into the evening air.

Dean’s eyes began to droop. He called out to the dog, “Come on, boy. Hurry up.” The dog looked back and continued to sniff. The dog knew this was his five minute warning.

Ahead of Dean he could hear the gravel pop from an approaching car. The lab stopped and lifted its head at the passing car, its ears perked listening to the distant intruder. The orange light shown through the blackberry bushes at the edge of the property as the car continued off into the distance up the length of the tree line and parked at the neighboring house. Dean could not see the house that shared his easement but he could see the lights turn off as the car parked.

The dog slowly made its way to the porch as Dean collected the plate and lighter from the railing and waited for the lab to pass him into the house. He entered through the doorway as a faint voice rang out in the distance, “Let me go!”

He stopped and looked over his shoulder to the tree line. He narrowed his eyes and listened carefully. After a moment he heard the voice again, “Please let me go.”

Dean stood quietly assessing the situation. He walked back into the house, closing and locking the door. He placed the dish into the sink, picked up the phone, and dialed 911.


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