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Chapter Twenty-Five


Jennifer’s arms shifted on the floor as the plastic crinkled beneath her fingertips and stuck to her face. Her ears rang and head throbbed with pain as she raised her hand to her face to wipe away a thin line of blood. Her eyes opened and she struggled to scan the dark room. The light from the hall outlined the door and illuminated the smooth wood floor boards. Along the far wall was a boarded up window. She carefully stood up from the floor and tested the board strength. The boards creaked but would not give. Around the room furniture had been stacked haphazardly. A nightstand stood precariously on a dresser and the bed was on end against the far wall smashed against the railings. Jennifer carefully opened the drawers. The old wood gnashed against the rusted railings as she reached her hand into the dark, her fingers feeling for anything but finding only dust.

Jennifer crossed the room. Her anxiety was taking over as her breathing rose and heart rate surged. The floorboards creaked under her toes as she carefully crossed the plastic floor. She could feel her heart in her throat beating as she reached out to the closed door. Her hand grabbed the knob and turned. She heard a click and she knew she was locked in. She lowered herself to the ground and peered out from the bottom of the door and into the hall. She could hear rustling and noises coming from the hallway. A small light illuminated the edge of the span and she could see a shadow moving quickly as if preparing for something. Her mind was still in the driveway, feeling the gravel drag beneath her hands. The pain as her hair was pulled out strand by strand and being thrown like a toy into the house. She remembered calling out for help but everything went black after that. She knew this shadow must be the man who caught her outside, that special surprise that was promised to her. She stared across the hall to see the staircase leading downstairs. Light lifted up from the first floor and lit the dark landing. She knew her only escape would be though the house.

Suddenly footsteps materialized and stormed down the hallway towards the room. Jennifer cupped her mouth to mask her breathing. Had he heard her? The whites of her eyes shone out the bottom of the door as the feet stopped. She could see the man’s toes dancing in the boots. She could see the mud from the driveway, still fresh and wet. On the edge of the boot was blood smeared along the side; she could smell its metallic odor. Her face was at the door and would surely be hit if it opened, but she dared not risk moving for fear of drawing attention. She was supposed to be passed out on the floor not walking around. She could hear his labored breathing and the faint smell of cologne drifted down. The pause felt like an eternity before his boots turned and he walked down the stairs. The steps creaked and strained under the man’s weight and she could see his pale cracked face as he disappeared beneath the railings. It was a blank face, muted and empty. Jennifer knew that she needed to assess her situation and prepare to leave. The face haunted Jennifer. It was a face of evil and she knew it would be back for her.

She stood and turned to the empty room, her shadow arced across the wall as her eyes scanned. She took a step and her foot bumped an object. It was a large black bag. She leaned in and slowly opened the top of the bag. The zipper popped against each latch. She could see a pair of dark pants had been placed across the top. Her hand touched the fabric and it was sticky wet. She pulled her fingers back and in the dark she saw the wet stain dripping from her nails. She pulled the zipper again and in the faint light she saw a clenched hand resting. She pulled further seeing Steven’s face smashed against his arm. She fought the scream. She zipped up the bag and pushed back against the room shoving herself against the plastic lined wall. She frantically wiped her hand against her pant leg trying to clean herself of the horror she had touched. Tears streamed down her face as her mouth arched in agony. She got up and crossed the room slowly sliding down the wall, the plastic crinkled as she met the floor. She curled into a ball, holding her knees and silently poured out her pain alone in the dark room knowing these moments may be her last.


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