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Chapter Twenty-Six


Conners drove down the valley heading home. He always enjoyed dropping the window and having the cold breeze blow through his hair. The rain had let up and he leaned back in his seat enjoying the open road. He pulled up his drink and took a sip. The day had been long and it would likely be an early start tomorrow. He was running excuses through his head to give to his wife, when his shirt pocket began to vibrate against his chest. He pulled the phone out and answered the call, “Conners here.”

“Good evening, sir. This is dispatch. We’ve had a call about a domestic disturbance in the valley east of Arlington. We don’t have any units in the area and I was calling to see if you would check in on the call?”

Conners shook his head softly, “Is this urgent?”

“Sir, a man said he heard a woman cry for help.”

“Any more information?”

“Just those details and an address. I’ve called in another unit but they are 10-15 minutes out.”

“Send me the address and I’ll check it out until the other unit gets there.”

“Thank you, sir. I’ll send it to your computer now.”

The navigation system instructed Conners and he pulled onto the easement and into the driveway. Ahead was a man standing on the front porch. Conners exited the car and walked up to the entryway. “Good evening, or better yet, good morning.”

“I think it is good morning, officer. My name is Dean.”

“Conners.” They shook hands, “I got a call about a domestic disturbance that was reported?”

Dean nodded and went into his story, describing the car’s arrival and the inevitable scream. On the porch next to him lay the old yellow lab panting in the cool morning air. Small traces of breath could be seen on each exhale.

Conners made notes in his book, “This is good information, thanks. There should be another unit coming soon to assist. Dean, what do you know about your neighbors?”

“The house was up for sale a while back and was purchased. There wasn’t anyone using it until the last year or so. I don’t know much except they tend to be quiet for the most part. I only see cars coming down the easement once in a while.”

“Is it a couple? Or family?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve seen some younger men driving up so they might be friends of one of the kids? I couldn’t be sure.”

Conners looked across the lawn and pointed to the tree line, “Just over the brambles there?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright.” He put the book back into his pocket. “I’m going to drive by and take a quick look. I should be back when the next unit shows up.”

Dean nodded and shook the officer’s hand, “Thank you, sir.”


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