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Chapter Twenty-Seven


Jennifer’s mind was foggy and distant. She blinked quickly trying to clear the last of the tears from her eyes and focus on what was right in front of her. There was a dead body in the room. Steven’s face was still seared in her mind. When she was bound and gagged in that house surrounded by those people, she had cursed him. She had wished the worst, but now she saw it. She had hated him, but seeing him reduced to a nylon bag was more than she could bare. The feelings of remorse caused Jennifer to tear up again. This experience was a nightmare. She wiped the drops from her cheeks with the back of her wrist.

Her head throbbed and she could feel the pulse in her throat. It was difficult to swallow and her mouth was dry. She ran her hand across her leg and she felt a lump in her pocket. She reached down and pulled out the Leatherman that she had stolen. She carefully opened the handles and lifted the blade. She closed the handles into her fist and she stared at the door’s reflection in the blade. Along the handle was the inscription, For My Son. She sneered at the line. She gripped the knife, it was her only hope to survive. She did not fear using it.

She turned back to the door as she could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. She could see the boots at the foot of the door. She thought to herself that this may be her only moment to get out. Her hand squeezed the metal. She could feel sweat dripping down her palm. The plastic rustled as she stood bracing herself against the wall. From outside the door she could hear the man taking deep breaths as if filling his lungs for a deep dive. The voice let out a guttural roar as the door was unlocked and flung open. Before she could see the man’s face a light was turned on and she was blinded. Her eyes were still sensitive to the light and she lifted her arm shielding them from view. She could hear the steps crashing through the plastic floor. She peered through her arm to see the man charging at her, his body and face were covered by a surgical apron and mask and around his hand was a dripping rag. He was fast and came up on her reaching for her face. She instinctively put her hands out to block his advance and kicked with her strong leg meeting his midsection. She parried his attack. As the man fell to the ground clutching his waist he clipped her arm and the knife fell to the floor and slid against the wall.

The door to the room was open. She looked back for the knife but chose to bolt for the exit. Before she could gain any space a hand was on her waist pulling her back as she stumbled across the floor tripping on the plastic and collapsing into the open closet. She crashed against the wall impacting her head against the loose drywall. Dust coated her head and shoulders turning her a milky white. She quickly regained herself as the man jumped to his feet and reached for her. The man’s veiled face haunted her and she released an ear-splitting scream. No one in the house could be ignorant of the actions on the second floor. He pulled her arms and threw her across the room. She sprawled across the plastic, her face grinding against the floor. Her body shook and cracked at the impact. The pain threatened to fold her up like a piece of paper leaving her exposed to her tormentor.

Before Jennifer could put her hands up the man was on her. She could feel his hot breath against her cheek as the wet rag was placed over her mouth. She fought and kicked taking in the fumes. Her arms flailed as he pressed down on her face. Jennifer arched her back and ran her arm along the wall. She reached and felt for the knife, straining as the man’s face met hers. She felt her mind beginning to drift as the chemicals worked through her lungs and slowed her mind. She strained once more. As her consciousness slowly slipped from her body, her fingertips met the cool metal. She pulled out the Leatherman and drove the blade through the air. Her eyes focused on the wrinkled outline along the side of Vadym’s face. She snarled under the rag as time slowed. She saw his face slowly contort as her closed fist approached his face. Vadym braced himself against the coming blow, not seeing the point of the knife as it rammed into his face. The blade pierced his eye and continued through the soft flesh stopping as it reached his skull. She continued through the strike pushing Vadym’s face back.

Jennifer’s face was immediately covered in a clear liquid and thin drops of blood poured down onto her. Vadym fell back reaching for his face as the pain began to register in his mind. Jennifer quickly swiped the liquid from her face, smearing the blood like war paint. Her face was a soft red and the last of her breath roared out of her as she fell to the floor and heaved. The chemicals were too much and nausea rose in her throat as she released her empty stomach onto the floor. She stood, still heaving, and ran for the door. Jennifer dizzily planted her foot and twisted her ankle falling over the edge of the bed and onto the ground. She clutched her foot and crawled out of the room using the banister to lift herself up.

She looked back towards the room. The man screamed and writhed on the floor. The knife sat next to his face as blood ran between his fingers and down his crumpled mask. She wasted no time and began to limp down the stairs towards the light and into the living room.

She reached the base of the stairs and scanned the room. Tyler and Kora’s horrified faces stared at her. They were witness to the soundtrack, the screams had shaken them, but what emerged was unexpected. Jennifer stood at the base of the stairs staring into the eyes of the man who sentenced her to a gruesome fate. Her eyes narrowed as the anger welled up. She gripped the banister tight and fought off the urge to lunge and continue her melee. She had suffered and now these people stood between her and her freedom.

Tyler guarded the entry as Kora stood alongside the couch where Nick’s body lay limp across the pillows and blankets. She could not go through Tyler without a weapon. She looked to her right and saw the back door and realized it was her time to escape. From the very first moment when the gun was first placed to her head, she wanted an opportunity. She turned and rounded the corner. She pushed open the door and exited into the night. Behind her she could hear Tyler’s approaching footsteps and a muffled voice at the front door.


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