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Chapter Twenty-Eight


Conners emerged from the car slowly staring up at the house. It felt as if nearly every light in the house was on, illuminating the yard and the surrounding tree line. From over the house the sky was beginning to show a light blue as morning was peaking over the valley edge. He closed his door and began to weave himself through the lines of parked cars. He looked across the overgrown lawn to the dark house tucked into the trees. He walked cautiously, carefully scanning the front seats of the vehicles. He didn’t want any surprises and by the number of cars here he suspected that a party may be waiting for him.

He was halfway to the front steps when from the second floor through the walls, he heard screaming. He could tell it was a man’s voice in pain. His hand instinctively moved to his side and he unbelted his gun and lifted it to his chest. As he climbed the stairs he could see through the glass window. A figure stood in the entryway staring into the house and across the living room. As Conners reached the door, the man sprinted across the room, pulling out a handgun from his pocket. Conners felt an immediate rush come over his body. His heart began to pound and his senses focused. One man, maybe more.

He quickly opened the door and yelled into the room, “Police. Freeze!” The man sprinting across the room stopped and spun meeting the officer. His face showed his shock as his arm lifted up and pointed. Conners wasted no time and fired at the man. The bullet ripped through his shooting arm and sprayed a mist of blood against the far wall. Tyler screamed out in pain and fell down behind a chair. Conners paused taking in the moment. There was an eerie silence in the room. From behind the chair, Tyler moaned out, blood beginning to pool around his shoulder.

“Drop your gun!” Conners cried out still seeing the handgun in Tyler’s hand. He was breathing heavy and repeated, “Drop your fucking gun!”

Conners took a step towards the living room and emerged through the entry way. From his left a shot rang out and he felt a tug on his leg. He fell into the kitchen and dove behind a counter. His empty hand went to his leg and pressed against the wound. His leg felt numb to the touch as the cabinet wood exploded about him. He closed into a fetal position and covered his head as pieces of cheap cabinetry and plumes of cocaine showered down over him. The shooting continued until the gun clicked empty.

Conners leaned out and saw the woman bent down behind the couch. He pointed and shot her in the stomach. She screamed out turning her face to the kitchen. Conners didn’t recognize this woman. His finger pulled back again and Kora’s body launched against the wall and slid down to the floor dead.

Conners cried out to the moaning man, “Where’s the girl?”

He was answered only by moans as he heard the backdoor pop. Tyler’s voice cried out, “No, don’t!”

Conners cried out, “Where’s the girl?” He peered around the corner fearing that Tyler had gotten away. Tyler’s body was crawling across the floor and his arm was resting on the door trying to push it open. Blood had smeared a trail on the carpet.

Conners carefully stood feeling the pain shooting down his leg. He placed his weight down and walked carefully out into the living room. He scanned the walls and couch for any hidden people. He saw the man passed out on the couch, but all the shooting did not wake him. He swung around avoiding the staircase and walked up on Tyler.

“Where’s the girl?”

Tyler’s head turned and he began to roll. Conners could see the black object as his hand emerged from under him, “Drop the gun!” Tyler didn’t stop and Conners pulled the trigger again. The body fell limp on the floor. He kicked the gun away from the body and leveled his arms to the living room. The house was silent. Conners listened for any creaking or noises, but there were none.

He reached down and dialed his phone, “911, where is your emergency?”

“Office Conners, located east of Arlington at an earlier domestic call. There’s been a shooting here. Three bodies.”

“Is this at the location of the original call?”

“No, down the easement at the neighboring house. Lots of lights and cars.”

“Yes sir, ambulance has been alerted. Are you ok?”

“No. I’ve been shot in the leg but I’m stable.”

“Yes sir.”

From over Conners’ shoulder and through the thin glass of the back door he heard a woman’s scream. “I’ve heard a woman’s voice. I have to leave to pursue.” He never heard the dispatcher’s request to stay as he dropped his phone, stepping over Tyler’s body, and exiting the house.


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