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Chapter Three


Steven spoke into the phone, “Hello.”

“Hey,” a muffled voice spoke. “I got, I got your text message. Do you still have some left?”

“Yes. Are you still located at the same place?”

“Yes, we’re in that same house, but we’ve moved to the unit on the right. Number 334. Just come in when you get here.”

Steven glided down the grass. He knew the man on the phone had been a good buyer in the past. But he was an odd buyer, someone who was on the tail end of the meth curve, someone who used more than they should and looked it. He could remember scabs, lots of scabs, and a twitch in the eye, always moving never sitting still. It was a side effect of too much high quality product or something homemade.

“Alright man, I’ll be there in a few minutes. I’m only taking cash tonight. No swaps like last time.” Steven jingled the gold swap on his left wrist. He still had time.

“Cash. No problem. I’ve got that. We’ll be here, number 334. Just come in. We will be here.”

Steven could hear another voice on the phone, distant, but definitely a female voice. She seemed to be talking to the man but he couldn’t make it out over the street noise as he walked down from the apartment complex.

“See you then.”

He brought the phone down from his ear. It was dark now, only the city provided guidance. Lights bounced off the low clouds, street lights flickered, and traffic ebbed and flowed. He was getting to his goal, just over a grand away. A few more stops in the city and he would be free.

Steven fell into the car. He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the fresh cash. He reached under the seat and pulled a small lever. A money roll fell out into his hand. He pulled the rubber band off and wound in the new hundreds. He lifted it to his nose and took a long drag, a slight smile came across his mouth. He tapped the wad twice on the steering wheel, wrapped the band, and placed the roll back into the compartment.

Steven paused a minute, checking his mirrors. The road noise rang and an old homeless man pushed a cart along the sidewalk, bags hanging from the side and talking at the brick wall passionately conversing with the graffiti. He seemed upset and Steven could hear him talking about something that was his and not to take it from him. Steven smiled, “I got you, old man.” He pulled away down the street.

His phone rang. He could hear it buzz to his right and his right eye could see the light coming from the bucket seat. Steven waited and thought twice about looking down at the phone. He was fresh with cash, a couple thousand dollars. He could head down the street, merge onto the freeway and drift off to a new place. He could set up east of the mountains or maybe head into Idaho. Thoughts of running away always filled his mind. From an ocean front condo in San Diego to an isolated cabin in the Bitterroot mountains. He craved the feeling of a fresh start, leaving open wounds behind. Life had become stale and one of these days he thought he would do it. He blinked and looked down, Mark. It was better than he thought.

He pressed the accept button on the steering wheel and he spoke to the road ahead of him, “Mark, what’s up?”

“You’re on tonight.”

“On for what?”

“You’re cooking with Tyler and the crew tonight.”

“No, no, I’m not scheduled for this week, I have it off.”

“We’ve had a dropout tonight and we need you to swap in.” Steven shook his head.

“Don’t shake your head.”

“I’m not.”

“I know you’re shaking your head. “

Steven slowed to the red light. “When am I needed?”

“At 11. You’ve got some time to get your shit together and head out.”

Steven bit his lower lip and gave the steering wheel a palm smash. He pulled away from the light.

“I’ve got some errands I’m trying to finish up and I won’t be done until after 11.”

“Fine. I’ll tell Tyler you will be a little late. We’ve got a large processing run to complete tonight. The Boss has requested we refill inventory for the North end and East side. You’ll be at the valley house east of Arlington. One of the regular homes.”

“That house is garbage. I hate working out there.”

“I’ve taken that note. We’ll see you after 11. Later.”

The phone clicked as he pulled up to the red light. A woman in a black Ford Explorer rolled up next to Steven and looked across her shoulder. The rapid movement and the screaming drew her attention as Steven pounded his fists on the wheel. Her eyes opened wide and she couldn’t help but smile. Her face turned a green hue and she left the man in his misery.


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