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Chapter Five


Officer Conners walked up to the townhouse. Red and blue lights flashed behind him and cruiser headlights lit up the driveway illuminating the path to the front door. He approached an officer standing on the porch vigorously writing in his notepad.

“How long ago was the shooting?”

The cop looked up. “Evening, officer. It was called in 20 minutes ago by a neighbor who said she heard some yelling and then gun shots.”

Conners looked over the officer’s shoulder and through the entry. He saw the state of the house. “Looks like a possible drug deal.”

“We found some weed and meth in the kitchen. Lots of pipes and a hazmat level of needles in the rooms. We are assuming right now it was some type of deal gone bad.” Officers walked out of the front entry, their hands gloved in latex and blood.

“How many dead?”

“Two bodies in the kitchen. One with multiple gunshots.”

“If you don’t mind, I am going to take a look around.”

The officer pointed with his pen. “Not a problem. The bodies are in the kitchen. Do you need gloves?”

Conners shook his head as he rolled the gloves onto his hands. He walked up the porch and into the entry way. It was like a broken dam as he smelled the decay vigorously pouring out of the house. He rubbed his heel in the carpet observing the dust and dirt spraying in his wake. Conners looked up to see two officers rounding the corner. One held a blanket to his chest.

“I need you to call CPS and let them know we’ve got an infant here that is going to need immediate care.” He walked past Conners as the muffled whimpers floated by.

“Jesus.” Conners whispered as he shook his head, wincing at the passing sight.

The officer from the porch stepped back into the room and tapped Conners on the shoulder. “We got an ID on the suspect’s car, late model Honda Civic. Either black or dark blue.”

Conners nodded and made his way into the living room and towards the lights and officers congregating in the kitchen. He stepped into the kitchen and observed the two bodies. On the cheap linoleum floor were scuff marks.

“Was there a struggle?”

“Yes sir, it looks like these two might have been pinning someone down, but ended up getting it in the end.”

Conners kneeled down, his legs cracked and groaned with age. His hand ran over the heel marks, he could feel the grooves cut into the flooring. He thought to himself that whoever was here was kicking awfully hard to do this. His eyes drifted to the plastic crumpled on the ground near the woman. He picked it up and carefully unfolded it to its original shape. “Looks like they were trying to strangle someone.” Conners could see the outlines of a face in the plastic. His fingers gently touched the depression where Steven’s mouth struggled for air.

He glanced over to the man slumped against the wall, his eyes staring at the far wall blankly into space. The blood had pooled around the bodies forming an irregular outline on the white floor. The officers quieted down and looked at Conners. “So from the shoe marks, it looks like we have a man, likely nearly died by plastic wrap, from these two meth heads. He got free from them, shot both of them and is now somewhere in a 20 mile radius of here in a dark colored Honda Civic. Have we put out a notice to patrols in the area?”

“Yes, sir. We sent the notice out moments ago.”

“I think we understand motive here. We need to know if there was anyone else in the house when this happened, other than the innocence that was carried out of here a few minutes ago.”

“The neighbor says she only saw the one white male leave.”

“Looks like these guys didn’t want to pay. I don’t care what the circumstances are, I want this guy brought in tonight. He’s already shot two which tells me he is either out of control or desperate.”


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