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Chapter Nine


Officer Conners kneeled down in the street with his elbow resting on his thigh massaging his palm gently with this thumb. His eyes stared across the street to the profile of the navy Honda Civic. Blue and red flashing lights danced across the exterior of the bar and drifted into the night above. A misting rain returned falling in front of his eyes and graining his view. Yellow caution tape closed off both street entrances and police officers were moving about carrying vials of evidence between cars.

The sound of steps approached from behind Conners as he fixated on the scene before him. The beat officer spoke, “We ran the plates and they are reported to belong to a Steven Pfeffer. We’ve crossed that against the licensing department and we’ve got his driver’s license image. We’re passing that out to help identify him.”

Conners stood brushing his hands on his pants, “Is this our suspect?”

“We are taking prints in the car and we’ll cross them against what we find in the house.”

“Did he leave anything in the car?”

The officer let out a deep breath. “We’ve checked the car over but have not found any sign of a gun. We did find drug paraphernalia, a pipe with residue in it. A couple of lighters. No money or drugs though.”

“Do you think it’s a dealer car? Do you think this boy might be involved in that?”

“It is possible. We found one hidden compartment under the driver seat, but no drop phones or baggies. We did find a new but opened container of hand wipes and paper towels. No blood on any of the packaging. We’re bringing it all to the lab now to see if there might be something we can’t see here at night.”

“Any thoughts on him grabbing any evidence before he left?”

“Possibly. We’re not sure when he left. Officers are walking through the local stores asking for anyone named Steven. A couple of squad cars are patrolling the area looking for any male on foot fitting his description.”

“So the car is here.” Pointing at the vehicle. His eyes looked up the street, “But where are you?”

“I don’t think we’ll find him accidently walking up here. If he saw the lights he is probably laying low.”

“That is a possibility, or he could be on the move again. My concern is that I’ve got a man who’s killed two people walking around the streets armed and likely a little edgy.”

The officers were lifting the yellow tape from the street and ushering the late night spectators aside. A loud beeping sound came from behind the group as the tow truck began maneuvering through the entrance. It rolled up lowering its rear gate behind the car.

The officer pointed at the truck. “We’ll impound the car as evidence in the shooting.”

Conners said, “Do we have a car going to the registration address?”

“We’ll get someone on that.”

“I want to know if he has been home tonight and where they think he might be going. Let me know if you find anything else.” Conners began to drift towards the yellow tape. Sets of eyes beyond the barrier followed him as he approached. His hand jingled his keys in his pocket as he walked. He turned back to the officer he left behind and pointed to the street corner, “I’d check that bar. He might have gone in.” He walked on around the corner to his unmarked vehicle.


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